How can I commit to staying focused despite the ups and downs of making a career change or a change to entrepreneurship?

Dish Mentality

Change often comes with stress included and peace sold separately and that may explain why many of us don't reach our goal weight, start our own business, or move on to new relationships. My Pastor always says "the term blessing speaks to the end of a thing." School doesn't seem like a blessing when you're doing school work, working out doesn't seem like a blessing until the scale number changes, and business ventures definitely don't seem like blessings until our accounts see some upward movement. You can commit to staying focused despite the ups and downs by accepting that your commitment is to a final product that makes all of the tribulation worth it. I'm assuming that's why couples who fight are still together after 25 years and you still go to your favorite restaurant even though they botched your order 2 weeks ago. Now that I'm starting to cook more, I realize that I get overwhelmed just looking at the ingredients. I filter out what I can and can't do by the things that are required from the recipe and end up making lackluster meals every time. If I could focus on the final dish and less on the recipe I would be able to make it through the my fears. Don't focus on the dash of stress or sprinkle of uncertainty or even the pound of hardwork required by your career change but focus on the final product that resulted from skill and much heat. We would never want any meal if the waitress brought out eggs, spices, and vegetables but we commit our money, time and resources knowing that the final dish was worth all of the ingredients.