The Time Management Antidote


If you're like me, your nose scrunches up at the thought of creating a written to do list at the start of your day.
The idea of a “structured” day seems potentially prohibitive, doesn’t it? And then, there’s the day itself that often spins away so quickly that you forget to compile a to-do list at all. This often leads to feeling as though there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish anything worthwhile.
However, as bad-ass and multi-talented as Skillologists typically are, one needn't be all anti-structure to the point of avoiding a little purposeful time management and organization.
Truth be told -- there’s a whole heap of time in the day to accomplish quite a bit!
If you periodically feel burned out or stressed to the point of having knots in your head (the metaphorical kind), creating a task list at the start of your day is the antidote -- I assure you.
The practice of writing out your tasks and checking them off as they're completed becomes habitual after while. And who doesn't like a little habitual goodness in their lives?
Soon those checked items visually translate into progress. A cool sight, mind you, even absent of the final result. 
So keep pushing, keep tasking. And take action on those worthwhile endeavors of yours.