Creativity of Your Own!

Creativity isn’t just about a standard, or a pre-defined formula, or known techniques, but it is about what you see and define it to be.  Steve Jobs became successful and renowned because of his out-of-the-box innovations that surpassed traditionalism, and not for following a pathway already paved.  To be honest, a lot of the most successful people followed an uncharted path that resulted in millions, and even billions of dollars in revenue.  This isn’t to say that gaining tools, tips, and advice is irrelevant, but it should only be an assisting factor to the development of your creative ideas.  For example, photography really isn’t about the camera (as some may think and contest), it is about using your personal vision of expressing your imagination.  Personally, I admit that I read articles and magazines about photography, and even talk to veteran photographers, but it is simply for me to utilize the knowledge gained to bring to life the reality of my personal creative sight.

In the writing, “How I Use Virtualization to Drive Creativity,” Marc Suster states that, “I believe creativity is the most important success criterion for a startup.”[1]  I interpreted this to mean having your own creativity as the most important factor in the formula for success, and not an idea that is more the product of external factors than internal vision.  Of course, feedback is always good, but what we see may not be shared by others.  People said that flying was impossible; the telephone had too many shortcomings to be a serious means of communication; and a wireless music box has no commercial value.  Read here about innovators that faced negative feedback and repeated rejection, but triumphed.

What am I saying in a nutshell? Unleash the creativity that is of your own, the results may shock you!


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