April 2012

How To: Write Poetry

This listing of "do's and don'ts" for poetry-writing will help you take your poetic interpretations to the next level.

How To: Organize Your Writing (Plot, Characters)

So you've decided to write the story of the century? This site explains how you start and finish your writing process to effectively determine characters, plot, and everything in between.

How To: Write for Non-Fiction

Top ten tips for nonfiction writers are listed in a concise format on this Website.

How To: Grammar & Punctuation Tips

This site provides enlightenment on a plethora of grammar categories and sites itself as being "your #1 source for grammar and punctuation."

How To: Write for Fiction

From "Writer's Block" to how to create the perfect ending for a suspenseful plot, this resource expounds upon various aspects of fiction writing.

How To: Write a Resume (with examples)

This site highlights the various sections of a resume and directs the job seeker to look at objectives of each one of those sections in order to help job seekers produce quality resumes.

How To: Write a Resignation Letter

Learn how to write a resignation letter through gaining a greater understanding of its components, content, and desired objectives.

How To: Find a Mentor

In order to make the process of identifying, finding, and reaching out to mentors more practical, this site outlines the steps of each aspect of the mentorship seeking process

How To: Create a Mission Statement (Examples)

If you are looking for examples of great mission statements organized by category, this Website can be a great resource for you.

How To: Create a Business Plan

From business plan examples to how-to articles, this Website is a resource for many aspects of creating an effective plan for a business.