February 2012

What's Your Worth: Precious Stones

Wrote this because I think many people lack to see their worth.  When you dont see your worth, others have difficulty seeing it as well.  Whether it be friends, a significant other, or even a boss!  What you put out is what you will get back, and sometimes people just wont see your worth.

Defining Personal Success: Have You Made It?

How do you know you’ve made it?

When this question was originally posed to me, there were several reasonably appropriate answers that crossed my mind.

Ideally, a person could “made it” when they are able to splurge to their hearts content. Live the most carefree, worriless existence. Be revered by strangers and respected by friends. And have all that life has to offer at their doorsteps.

Create Balance and Keep your Sanity

For those who know me, I am known as an early bird that likes to get things going at the crack of dawn.

Is Your Lifestyle Trending?

When I was in middle school, sexual experimentation had emerged and resonated within almost one third of my school’s female population.  Girls had taken on the traits of boys in the way they dressed, spoke or dated.  It had become customary to see two female students walking hand-in-hand down the hallway and into math class.  Whether you had this yearning desire since birth or it seemed like something you may as well try because your last boyfriend broke your heart, now was as good a time as any… because everybody else was doing it.

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